Full Moon Letter- May 10th 2017

Today celebrates the full moon in Scorpio.

If you have a chance to look at the moon tonight, first smile at her:), then connect, with your inner self, with your loved ones, with your surroundings, with your home, here, now.

That's what the moon in Scorpio is all about: connecting with the essence of who we are and the life we're here to manifest.

This means: 

1- Trust yourself

2- Be a bridge between the old ways and the new ways

3- Embrace creative activity of all forms as it can take wings to extraordinary places

In addition, this month is as I'm sure you've all noticed:) the month of instability and chaos!

“We are being asked this month to become more comfortable with chaos and to learn to trust the greater order of things. Even if we feel out of control we must trust that everything happens for a reason."

“Instead of holding on to what feels comfortable, known, rational and safe, seize the opportunity and work the instability and chaos to accelerate your own radical change."”

You can read lots more on how to approach this "blessed chaos" in your relationships, business, health, life here.

With love.

New Moon Letter- April 26th 2017

To all my loved ones, in New York, Paris and somewhere in the world, to my family, my sisters and brothers, to all angels and beautiful souls, to strangers and game changers inspiring me every day,

I hope you're all doing great.

Whether it's physically or through our spirits, I feel our connection more than ever. I know we're all going through important transitions, some very difficult, some super exciting, some scary and heavy, some joyful and uplifting. Whatever the journey is, I also know the power of us and the world, communities, nature, birds, trees and flowers together.

Looking at the moon smiling at us or sitting next to a tree breathing out renewal, talking to loved ones and sharing moments together is what guides us towards what's ultimately the best of the best for each of us.

Each new moon reminds me of it.

The new moon in Taurus is all about resting and taking time out! It's about connecting deeply to your own center, perhaps just for a few minutes, every day!

More specifically 3 insights I would like to share with you:

1) One from Mystic Mamma (www.mysticmamma.com):

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde so we can anticipate that life will be a little slow. Taurus likes to pace itself, take it’s own sweet time.

With the Moon and Sun conjunct asteroid Urda (Norse ‘fate’), sometimes you just have to wait for life to play out as it will.

You can till the soil and set seeds of intention but you can’t control the weather, nor how many fruits will ultimately sprout from your seedlings.

This Moon says rest, look at what you have, let go of worrying about what you don’t have.

A wide trine to the North Node from the Moon suggests all is as it should be right now. Just keep following the signs.

Focus on what is right in front of your nose and forget the rest.

Venus, ruler of this lunation is on the anaretic last degree of Pisces. Surrender with an open heart.“

2) One from the Saturn Sisters Sherene and Stefanie (www.saturnsisters.com)

This New Moon is being tagged as one of the most fertile and potentially prosperous manifestation moons of 2017. 

It’s backed by exalted Venus in Pisces (where Venus does her best and most sublime work)… just before she moves back into feisty, me-me-and more me- Aries. 

Love, sweetness, forgiveness and connecting the earthly to the divine are all in the beautiful realms of high probability…. if we align ourselves to the LOVE. 

We’ve certainly had our fair share of lessons around playing out childhood wounds and projections (Venus Rx-Chiron-Saturn) in our most intimate relationships. 

Once we move through the fear and deeper into our own center with an open heart, we prepare the ground for something proper to grow. 

The Taurus New Moon seeds the solid foundation for lasting loyalty and devotion to our deepest values. 

3) And the best of the best from sweet Talya Cousins (www.talyacousins.com)

"The Divine loves you very dearly, deeply. Once you know this, you will relax". Tathaastu

Merci to you all,

Love to you all,