Full Moon Letter- May 10th 2017

Today celebrates the full moon in Scorpio.

If you have a chance to look at the moon tonight, first smile at her:), then connect, with your inner self, with your loved ones, with your surroundings, with your home, here, now.

That's what the moon in Scorpio is all about: connecting with the essence of who we are and the life we're here to manifest.

This means: 

1- Trust yourself

2- Be a bridge between the old ways and the new ways

3- Embrace creative activity of all forms as it can take wings to extraordinary places

In addition, this month is as I'm sure you've all noticed:) the month of instability and chaos!

“We are being asked this month to become more comfortable with chaos and to learn to trust the greater order of things. Even if we feel out of control we must trust that everything happens for a reason."

“Instead of holding on to what feels comfortable, known, rational and safe, seize the opportunity and work the instability and chaos to accelerate your own radical change."”

You can read lots more on how to approach this "blessed chaos" in your relationships, business, health, life here.

With love.