creative laboratory

Design products and experiences that heal, nourish and transform according to 4 pillars



Connecting to your sense of smell, sight, sound, taste and touch is connecting to the heart and soul of your company. By combining the perfect shapes, colors, aromas, textures and vibrations together, our products elevate the interconnection between your company, people and the planet.



Honoring nature's truth and cycles, we combine old age traditional processes with the most advanced safe and sustainable techniques. We create the perfect energetic balance in each of our products, connecting people with your core purpose.



Our creations connect the mind, body and spirit seamlessly. Leveraging the most optimal set of vibrations and frequencies in our creative and production processes, we set your tune so it promotes balance and harmony.



All our products and creative projects are designed to harmonize people with their surrounding environment following a sense of Feng Shui science. Our study of the elements from a past, present and future perspective, leveraging scientific and medical research, botany and Feng Shui science guide our productions and the sense they bring to the world.


We use the most environmental friendly methods of productions for all our products, focusing on organic and biodegradable ingredients and limiting recycling to glass only as it the less harmful to the planet.

We develop general life products, beauty (perfume, skin care, colors), baby and animal products, clothing, home care, personal care, jewelry, food and beverages, robots and AI.